An Old Chung Ling Boy Who Thought Big


Loke Gim Tay is not an easy one to pin down, given his many interests and his busy schedule. Rosalind Chua manages to corner him for a chat about his valiant support of Penang and Chinese art and culture.

Some of us grow up in small towns and dream of bigger and better things in cities far far far away, gleaming of glass and light. In the process, our hometowns fade into the distance and become vague memories. Not so for Penangite businessman Loke Gim Tay, whose heart remains very much in Penang.

Loke is an interesting combination of savvy businessman and protector of Penang arts and culture. Does he feel that he lives with uneasy tensions? Cold, hard business versus his interest in the arts? The contrast between laid-back Penang and his current base in hectic Singapore? No, he insists, it’s all about having balance in life.

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