George Town: A Work in Progress


A recent public forum on heritage brought together local and international experts and some important but all too familiar issues were raised. The big question remains: Where is the George Town World Heritage Site headed?

“I received so many calls and texts asking me if I’m for development or whether we want to stunt growth,” said Suraya Ismail, the moderator of Think City’s public forum, “I think we’re going to have a full house.” She was right.

“George Town after World Heritage Inscription: Are we on the Right Track?” packed together expatriate property owners, local authorities, business owners and heritage advocates among others, for a two-hour dialogue that promised a juicy Q&A session if my acquaintance was to be believed. “I know many working people who are very unhappy with the NGOs and how they keep saying we can’t knock this down, have to preserve everything. How are we going to progress if this is the case?” he stage-whispered.

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