Non-compliance - A Bane of Urban Governance


The thing about urban living is that we all share spaces. We even breathe the same air. This means that whatever I do affects the life of others. Where I park my car is of interest to those using the thoroughfare; where I throw my rubbish affects those living there. Urban liveability therefore has a lot to do with the civic-consciousness of each urbanite.

In March 2008, Penangites, at least those who voted in the General Election, wanted a change in the state government. Out of the 40 seats under contest, 29 were won by those who the following month became component parties of Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan), namely the Democratic Action Party (DAP), People’s Justice Party (Parti Keadilan Rakyat or PKR) and PanMalaysian Islamic Party (PAS). This was the second time Penangites had changed their state government – the first was in May 1969 when the Alliance was defeated by the Malaysian People's Movement Party (Gerakan).

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