Major Changes Await the Botanic Gardens


In March and July this year, the State Town and Country Planning Department (JPBD) called for a public consultation on the Special Area Plan (SAP) for the Penang Botanic Gardens. This was in accordance with Section 13 of the Town and Country Planning Act – the public’s feedback has to be taken into consideration before such a plan is gazetted.

The Penang Botanic Gardens, sometimes known as Waterfall Gardens, is a 72-acre garden established in 1884 on an old granite quarry. As beloved as it is though, its management has faced plenty of criticism from the public due to what has been described as ad hoc development within the Gardens, done without a proper development plan. “Part of the problem is due to poor planning and implementation of projects, especially in the last 20 years or so,” said Datuk Dr Leong Yueh Kwong, a botanist and a member of the Botanic Gardens’ management committee.

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