Abundant treasures in Penang Batik's Painting Museum


George Town has been noted by Unesco for its culture, but this is just a part of something bigger – Penang as a whole is noted for its abundance in art forms and artists. Naturally, a museum for batik art came along.

It is no surprise that the Batik Painting Museum has been set up in Penang, only that it took that long. The enterprising Dr Tan Chong Guan, an obstetrician cum gynaecologist, had already set his heart on this dream project for a little over 10 years.

Batik, the erstwhile craft tradition, has been practised and developed all over the world for roughly 2,000 years, in Tang Dynasty China (although some say Sui Dynasty) Indonesia, India, Nara period Japan, Africa (the Yoruba tribes in Nigeria, Soninke and Wolof in Senegal), Australia (the aboriginal “Dreaming”) and fourth-century Egypt.

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