When artists come together

loading The playground of art installations comprising painted readymade and constructed objects at SAA (2011).

Much can be gained from working together. This is true even for artists, personalities generally known for being solitary and isolated. Malaysia has – and has had – its fair share of artist groups.

In art, numbers do count. In forming an art society, numbers give greater clout and benefits, apart from the camaraderie. Artists are not solitary recluses as mythicised; they are social animals, even cliquish, moving together in spirit and temperament, if not in art. “We Art Together”, as the Sasaran Art Association’s (SAA) mantra goes. It’s also about friendships kept, knowledge shared and creative inspirations.

Understandably, artists have tended to band together to share expenses for exhibitions and receptions, excursions, dinner celebrations and printing of catalogues.

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