Malaysian artists join one of Singapore’s many shows


Becoming the region’s art hub takes decades of conscious effort, as was obvious at the fifth edition of Art Stage Singapore.

Malaysia’s strong presence at Art Stage Singapore 2015 would have passed relatively unnoticed if not for Vincent Leong’s Kenapamu Malaysia (II), an ironic jibe at the popular tourism jingle, Keranamu Malaysia. The work, under a unified South-East Asian showcase component, had the officious pictures of what looked like the constitutional monarchs and the Prime Minister, so ubiquitous in business premises, but taken from the back.

This can be read on so many levels; for a Malaysian Chinese like Goldsmith- College-trained artist Leong (b. 1979), it was probably with some ennui and estrangement, and in light of the posturing of the 3Rs (Race, Religion, Royalty) back home of late.

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