Lunar Peaks – A Treasure Gone Forever

loading The demolition job on Lunar Peaks.

Late National Artist Laureate Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal's (1929-2011) heritage sculpture monument, Puncak Purnama (Lunar Peaks), was demolished by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) in early July in what some would call the worst pre- Raya monument carnage in living memory.

bubur sudah jadi najis! Shout or do what you like, the Class-1 important monument was reduced to rubble at its site, once dubbed Taman Wawasan in Jalan Sulaiman, KL. It was summarily cleared purportedly for new landscaping work. It belonged to the now-defunct United Malayan Banking Corporation (UMBC) which handed it over to DBKL to maintain upon its completion in 1986.

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