Kids from the 90’s Would Know

School canteens are much healthier these days. Gone are the keropok and kiam sooi tnee – the love of many a child and the bane of parents. High in sodium and sugar, these weren’t the healthiest of snacks – can you imagine the trips to the dentist at the tender age of five?

Once ubiquitous, these snacks are fast losing relevance in today’s world. As Malaysia’s obesity ranking climbs, this is perhaps not such a bad thing – bring on the muesli bars.

But we 90’s kids grew up just fine, didn’t we? A cavity here, a tip of the weighing scale there, the grins that light up our faces as we open that box of Ding Dang to peek at the surprise toy. I wouldn’t trade my Mi-Mi’s and Tam Tam’s for all the imported sea-salt sunflower-oil crisps in the world.

Ch’ng Shi P’ng is still a strong supporter of the original Cheezels, Twisties, san cha pia and lemon Hacks.
Julia “Bubba” Tan grew up on a diet of Hacks lemon tablets. She still has all her teeth. For now.

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